The Basics of Humanism

Humanism is one of those topics that changes based on who you ask about it. It’s a word with several meanings, and those meanings can then be broken down into other types of humanism. Basically, it’s says that humans can be good and ethical without turning to a religion or a god. Humanists think that they have a responsibility to act ethically.

A viewpoint needs to be examined and challenged if it is untrue, and humanism is all about questioning the facts of life and the search for truth. That’s what humanist activism columbus oh participants and others around the world do every single day. They want to know and understand our world without any interference and create their own conclusions.

There are various types of humanism fields of study, with many of them focusing on specific time periods. For example, renaissance humanism is all about the Renaissance, looking at the cultural changes made during that time period. Western Cultural Humanism is all about the traditions of Greece and Rome, along with how their laws made their way into our modern law.

There’s Christian Humanism that focuses on Christian Principles and faith, and Modern Humanism that focuses on naturalistic items, using reason and democracy. Much like other organizations, there is a schism between the more religious focused group and those who choose to use reason and logic.

Some people see humanism as a more open type of religion, others see it as anti-religion and focusing on science, and others see it as a life choice that people follow. But they all focus on the human side of ethics and morality, where humans are able to make good choices without relying on some otherworldly force.

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So while there are countless sub-topics, humanism simply believes people can be good people without pledging themselves to a religion.

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